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This website (iMedLogics.com) is owned and operated by Sodano Enterprises, LLC.   This site has been designed for use by health care professionals who have paid for the right of use and the services herein for the purpose of educational use and patient management and are limited to paid subscribers only. Subscribers have unlimited use of the program(s) in which they are actively subscribed without restriction of time of day. Sharing Log-In and Password information with non-subscribers is prohibited. Any misuse detected by Sodano Enterprises, LLC or its employees will result in immediate account suspension on access to either site accordingly. Duplicate log-ins will result in locked access. Any use of this website that is not for its intended purposes will be considered misuse and will result in immediate termination of access to this site without refund or liability on the part of Sodano Enterprises, LLC

Copyright and Trademark Law

The names and logos of  iMedLogics and the editorial content and graphics of these sites are protected by U.S. copyright and international treaties and may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission. All rights are reserved. Violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Limitation of Liability

Sodano Enterprises, LLC provides information, services and products without warranties of any kind through iMedLogics.com. Any information downloaded from this site that produces damage to any computer or data will not create indemnity or liability by Sodano Enterprises, LLC in any manner.

All express warranties and all implied warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights are hereby disclaimed to the full extent permitted by law. This site does not warrant that the use of or performance of this website will not be free of error. In no event shall Sodano Enterprises, LLC be held liable for any loss, direct or indirect for damages by the use or performance of this website.

All efforts have been made by Sodano Enterprises, LLC toward compliance with privacy laws and the health insurance portability and accountability act. Sodano Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to not be held liable for information revealed through malice or misuse of this site.

Payment Methods
Sodano Enterprises, LLC accepts payments on line by credit cards only. Billing to your credit card occurs at the time of your online transaction or shortly thereafter. All billing statements for  iMedLogics.com will reflect that the payment was made to Sodano Enterprises, LLC and will be charged in US Dollars.  Sodano Enterprises, LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Sodano Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue on line bill payment at any time with or without notice to you and will not be held liable to anyone for exercising such right.

Suspension of Account

Sodano Enterprises, LLC has the right to suspend any account on iMedLogics.com for credit cards that have been denied for payment.  Users who have enrolled in this site will be notified via email that their card was declined for payment and given the opportunity to contact Sodano Enterprises, LLC to update or correct payment information.

Terms of Refund and Cancellation

All cancellation requests made by subscribers must be submitted in writing and will be effective upon the date of request.  Termination of iMedLogics.com site access will be processed effective the same date of the cancellation request. Cancellations imposed by Sodano Enterprises, LLC for malicious use of either of these programs, inclusive of evident security breaches will be made immediately without obligation to notify the subscriber or with refund. Sodano Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for providing material or any copies of any information through any means after the effective date of cancellation. Terms of cancellation does not allow for backdated refunds based on non-use of the site by the subscriber.

Notice of Data Processing

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issued by the European Commission, Sodano Enterprises, LLC is a third-party processor of your patient’s Personal Data through iMedLogics.com; you, the Practitioner/Clinician, are the controller and/or processor, as applicable, of that Personal Data under the European Data Protection Legislation; and each party will comply with the obligations applicable to it under GDPR Legislation with respect to the processing of that Customer Personal Data.

Effective Date of Original Notice: January 1, 2015

Updated: November 6, 2019