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Even before you and the patient come face to face, iMedlogics™ gives you strong indicators of specific deficiencies, imbalances, illnesses and syndromes. You refine these insights via the physical exam, lab tests and further discussion with the patient.

Save Time & Money

Patients complete their health history at home and return it to you electronically.  iMedLogics™ provides an immediate analysis and notifies you that it is ready. iMedLogics keeps you on schedule, eliminates patient waiting room anxiety, and allows your staff to work efficiently on other tasks.

Enables Fast & More Accurate Diagnosis

Over 78% of a working diagnosis is obtained through a good patient history. But gathering this information and analyzing piles of prior health history records requires a significant amount of time.  iMedLogics™ does this for you.  By collecting a comprehensive patient history and analyzing it, you have an easy to read integrative summary report before you even come face to face with your patient.

Satisfied Patients and Higher Referral Rate

‘Someone has finally listened to my story’. Using iMedLogics™ instills patient confidence that you have the information you need to treat them effectively, making patients often feel as if someone has finally listened to them.  This lends itself to good doctor/patient relationships, higher patient compliance, successful treatment outcomes, and an increased referral rate.

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Improve your doctor/patient relationship and successful treatment outcomes

Know more about your patient's health history before you even meet with them.
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  • Comprehensive Patient Health History, Follow-Up, and Established Patient History Analysis Reports
  • Signs & Symptoms Analysis
  • Wellness Journals
  • Integrative Dermatology Library
  • Blood Chemistry Reference Library
  • Homeopathic Medicine Library
  • Drug Induced Conditions Reference Library
  • Nutraceutical and Functional Foods Reference Library
  • Health Condition Reference Library
  • Herbal Reference Library
  • Unlimited Patient Records
  • Safe & Secure